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Jonathan K. Parks


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Music is one of the driving forces of existence, the entity we turn to in order to define ourselves and catch a glimpse of the divine.


Having come from a family of musicians, I couldn’t exactly escape doing music. I began learning how to play the piano at the tender age of five (with many moments of frustration—remember trying to play with hands together for the first time?), and from my first performance at a church in Georgia, I was hooked. Not long after, I discovered the magic of theatre, how regular people made stories come alive onstage. Since then, I have been an avid proponent of the collaborative arts, be it musical theatre, opera, cabaret, or recitals. I am always seeking to grow in my craft and to learn from my collaborators, all the while hoping to shed light on some aspect of humanity through music.


After obtaining degrees in Piano Performance and Music Direction for Musical Theatre, I began performing on stages around the country, from Broadway to major touring houses to local regional theatres. I have been at the musical helm of award-winning productions, leading actors and orchestras to use their unique voices to tell a story. Along with performing, I've also been a teacher, holding positions at Marymount Manhattan College and various institutes around New York City.

When I’m not doing music or pondering the meaning of life, you can find me running outside or trying to learn how to cook like my grandmother.

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